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Pharmaceutical & Medical Malpractice


A doctor's solemn oath to his patient is to do no harm. Unfortunately, when that happens and the doctor's conduct falls below the normal standard of care, he or she has committed medical negligence. Under Florida law, an injured patient can recover damages for medical negligence. Before a lawsuit can be commenced, there is a strict pre-suit procedure which must be followed, which includes obtaining a medical expert to swear in an affidavit that the doctor's conduct fell below professional standards and caused injury to the patient. Doctor's rarely admit medical negligence and the Florida legislature has made it harder for doctor's to be sued. Nevertheless, when the quality of your life has been affected due to medical negligence, you have rights and you will need a lawyer with experience and a proven track record in the field. Pharmaceutical negligence is a recurring problem where patients are either over medicated, wrongly medicated or their pharmacy or doctors fail to renew their prescriptions in time, often resulting in serious injuries or even death to the patient. Doctors and their offices or clinics can all be sued if they have wrongly prescribed medication which harms the patient or if they fail to monitor medication or sign necessary refill authorizations in a timely manner. Pharmacies also can be liable for delivering the wrong dosage or the wrong medicine which harms the user.

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