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Criminal Defense


Every individual that is arrested by either Federal or State law enforcement not only has the right to an attorney, but under the constitution, the right to a full vigorous defense by that attorney. Federal and State law enforcement agencies have enormous resources and sometimes have the advantage of having months or even years to investigate the case before a defense lawyer can review the evidence against the accused. The great leveler in criminal defense is that before anyone's freedom can be taken away from them, the government must prove the accused person's guilt beyond all reasonable doubt to a jury of peers. This is where a skilled criminal defense lawyer comes into play. Very often accused persons are overcharged, and while they might have committed some offenses, these were minor in comparison to what they end up being charged with and put on trial for. A good criminal defense lawyer can either negotiate a fair resolution with the prosecutor's office called a plea bargain or has to be prepared to try the case going for either outright acquittal or conviction of a lesser charge. Criminal defense is an area where the attorney's experience and track record are critical factors in the selection process.

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