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Who Are We

Ganguzza Title & Escrow is an attorney owned Title Company that offers comprehensive title services, escrow, and settlement throughout the State of Florida.   Our on-staff Real Estate Attorneys and Florida Licensed Title Agents provide our customers with the utmost service and experience at affordable prices.

It is our philosophy and ultimately our goal to serve our buyers, sellers, agents, asset managers, and lenders with timely and expedited closings which is facilitated by our years of experience in the industry and trained personnel.  Complementing our title company is an onsite law firm which is capable of performing any necessary legal actions connected to any title defects, disputes, etc.

What We Do 

For You

Before any contract to purchase a Residential or Commercial property is considered for acceptance, a reputable escrow company like Ganguzza Title & Escrow should be hired to retain the funds stipulated in said contract.  Our company provides full escrow services to those buyers who are in search of their contract acceptance free of charge.  Our in-house counsels offer their experience in reviewing and providing an opinion on that contract you are about to execute and guide you on your best option to negotiate your transaction which will save you time and money.

Our company provides a dedicated team to REO Services and Short Sale services providing asset managers and lenders, buyers, sellers and investors with our expertise in negotiating and challenging estoppel letter(s) who’s Associations refuse to apply discounts and reductions afforded by the Safe Harbor provisions of Florida Statute Chapter 718 or 720.

We have the ability to close anywhere within the State and provide mobile closers fully trained to competently explain all the closing documents at the comfort of your home or office meanwhile complying with all lenders requirements. 

The quality of our work is guaranteed.  Place your order today!

Our Fees

Purchase/Refinance – Residential

Buyer Fees:

Closing fee      $500.00 (cash) / $750.00 (lender)     

Abstract fee    $150.00

Courier fee      $75.00

Title policy is a promulgated rate based on the loan amount or sales price with simultaneous issues pursuant to RESPA.

Seller Fees:

Closing fee      $500.00 (if not represented by counsel)

Document Preparation fee      $250.00 (if not represented by counsel)

Courier fee      $50.00


At Seller’s Option, Attorney’s may dispute the liens and/or HOA Estoppel letters at a rate ranging $500.00 through $995.00 depending on court appearance as an additional charge due at closing.


Please contact Elizabeth Barreiro at

786 888-8355 or fill out this form should you require a quote on a Commercial Transaction.

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